At our trustworthy and certified De addiction centre in Amritsar, we are rendering exceptional drug rehabilitation facilities at reasonable prices. All of our treatment therapies are prone to make you drug-free and healthy to have a better life ahead. We will lead you to the prosperous and amazing life and help you in getting your life back to the normal track. Call us now at +917270033333

 and join us to change your life forever.

Our medical specialists apply various kinds of therapies including medication, meditation or behavioral counseling etc. These are effective tools to eradicate your addiction to drugs without causing you any kind of pain or psychic deficiency. Because the meditation we provide you are safe and have no side-effects at all.

Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, the founder of Lifeline Foundation, saw a dream of making the society livable and drug-free. He made efforts towards his dream and laid down the foundation stone of Lifeline Foundation in the year of 2000. Further, he established regional De addiction centres such as De addiction centre in Amritsar, De addiction centre in Patiala and De addiction centre in Ludhiana.

We treat you with advanced and effective medical therapies at our De Addiction Centre in Amritsar

Since our inception, we have recorded a gradual success in the area and adopting the relevant and quality measures. Drug addiction is harming the society at large and it can only be controlled with the help of drug rehabilitation centres. For the purpose, our De addiction centre in Amritsar is working excellently to meet the circumstances. We are well-equipped with modern and latest technologies which we apply to provide you with the effective and permanent solution to your drug addiction problem.

At Lifeline, we conduct initial body screening tests to gather relevant and necessary information about your health condition. These tests play a crucial role in chalking out your treatment process for better results. Because our doctors and counselors will assist you further on the behalf of the results of the test reports. Further, we prepare your treatment file after checking you’re your body-weight, temperature, blood-sugar and blood-pressure etc. on the first day of your visit.

We have the best solutions available at least prices

Similarly, at De addiction centre in Amritsar, we have several facilities to offer you with your expected results. Because we deeply know the hardships faced by the family, whose young child got involved in the drugs. Drug addicts pose a great threat to the whole family. In order to overcome all these problems, we are comprising the following highlights:

Lifeline Foundation has become a brand in the society well known for the top class drug rehabilitation solutions.

We have done an award-winning job with over 4000 happy and 100% satisfied patients.

Daily meditation and yoga sessions in the morning under the excellent guidance of experts.

Strong focus on the nutrition-full diet.

Beautiful gardens and courtyards for morning and evening walk.

Swimming pools, playgrounds, and gymnasium for extra curriculum and recreational activities.

World-class infrastructure well-equipped with modern facilities.

Moreover, our De addiction centre in Amritsar is working in neat and clean and pollution-free area.