De Addiction Centre in Punjab:

Do you look for the drug rehabilitation centre to get the best treatment against your drug addiction? The Lifeline Foundation has one-stop solutions for your entire health issues. Moreover, our advanced and research-based treatment therapies will help you mark a success in your fight against drug addiction. De addiction centre in Punjab.

Call now at +918847215265 and start your journey against drugs at our fully-furnished drug De addiction centre in Punjab.

At the Lifeline Foundation, we are the top-class and reliable drug De Addiction centre in Punjab. Further, we are helping society with tremendous medical services to make it drug-free once again. At Lifeline Foundation, we are working passionately to achieve our motive to vanish the evil of drug addiction thoroughly.

Additionally, our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab has the best arrangements for the drug addicts to heal them in a hygienic and fresh environment. Ultimately, it helps in fast recovery of the destroyed health.

De Addiction Centre in PunjabHow will our Drug De Addiction Centre in Punjab help you?

The Lifeline Foundation is an outcome of the mind of Mr. Sanjeev Sharma, the founder of the centre. He established it in the year of 2000 with a motive to escape the society from the drugs. Since then, we are working affectionately at our De Addiction Centre in Punjab under his superb guidance. Therefore, we will be really helpful to you because:

  • Our De Addiction Centre in Punjab is fully furnished with all the relevant equipment and facilities. Hence, it will provide an effective and permanent solution to your drug addiction problem.
  • Further, we have world-class infrastructure fully capable of producing the desired results. Make your life out of danger with our fabulous medical treatment facilities at our De addiction centre in Punjab.
  • We apply effective medical remedies to nurture your health all around. Till date, we have saved thousands of lives which are deeply involved in the drugs. They are characterizing us as a ‘Lifeline’ for them after being fully recovered from the jaws of this dreadful evil. But still more efforts are needed to be done to achieve the target of 100% drug-free society.

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  • Our well-equipped infrastructure is helping us a lot in healing the patients in a comfortable and satisfactory way.
  • We are providing them fully AC building, swimming pools, a gymnasium, courtyards, gardens, and many more facilities under one roof.
  • Similarly, we have special arrangements for extra-curriculum and recreational activities best suitable for the leisure time. We have vast playgrounds for both indoor and outdoor games to excel their skills. This helps them in fast recovery.
  • Our rehabilitation centre in Punjab own vast agricultural farms in order to grow our own organic fruits and vegetables. These are super-hygienic and healthy because we never use insecticides etc.
  • Moreover, we also have a livestock farm to produce pure and fresh milk for the patients.
  • We have hired a specialist team of doctors and counselors at our De Addiction Centre in Punjab. They are professionally-experienced working passionately to make the best for you.
  • Our doctors are well-qualified with higher medical educational degrees to provide you with effective and responsive medical treatments.
  • Our team of counselors will attend you personally to experience your emotions and then carry on with the treatment process accordingly.
  • Moreover, we conduct basic check-ups on regular basis to monitor the growth progress. It includes blood-pressure, blood sugar, temperature, and weight etc.

So, call us now at +918847215265 and revert your life to the new track full of prosperity and happiness.

What is Our Treatment Process?

At the Lifeline Foundation, we have transparent treatment policies for our patients. We understand health is such a sensitive case and it requires a very careful approach to get the fine results. Accordingly, we have clear steps as follow:

  • When a drug abuser comes to us, we conduct some important tests after finishing registration formalities. Blood-pressure, blood-sugar, temperature, and some other tests are there that we organize initially.
  • Then, we diagnose your type of drug, amount of drug, various effects, and some other useful information.
  • Further, we select the best treatment therapy as per your medical test reports.
  • Finally, we implement our strategies to carry on your treatment further. Now, it depends upon your drug addiction how long it will take to be recovered fully.

Why we need Drug Rehabilitation Centres in Punjab?

Drug rehabilitation is destroying our society on a large scale and it should be removed as early as possible. Especially the state of Punjab is deeply involved in the drugs. Our youngsters are the main prey of it.

Our timely governments have failed badly to provide employment to our educated and qualified youngsters. They are wandering and searching for jobs with degrees in hands. This is a very crucial time for anyone’s like. Suitable guidance is needed to direct the life to the right path. But unfortunately, we have not.

Therefore, our youngsters are either migrating to the abroad countries or being stuck in the mud of drugs. Because they are unemployed, so they easily attracted to the drugs. It is not a healthy sign for our society.

Our young generation is the power and future of our country. They are the golden assets to us. So, it becomes even more necessary to get them back out of the drugs.

For the very purpose, at our De Addiction Centre in Punjab, we are striving exceptionally well in this regard. Since our inception in the year 2000, we have done an award-winning job in the drug rehabilitation industry.

Our other Drug Rehabilitation Centers

The Lifeline Foundation has a chain of several drug rehabilitation centres in Punjab and Haryana. After its first drug De addiction centre in Patiala, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma continues to make good deeds by establishing more drug rehabilitation centres. Some of the popular and best centres are;


  • Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ludhiana
  • Rehabilitation centre in Chandigarh
  • De Addiction Centre in Amritsar
  • Rehabilitation centre in Jalandhar
  • Nasha Mukti Kendra in Mohali
  • Nasha Mukti Kendra in Ambala

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