Are you really want to get rid of your addiction to drugs? Then contact us at +919815006881 anytime and quit any kind of drug you are addicted to. Because at Lifeline Foundation, the most popular rehabilitation centre in Amritsar,we are making efforts to help people addicted to drugs, alcohol, smoking or any other harmful substances. Till date, we have succeeded in bringing a smile to the face of thousands of families and patients across north India. They appreciate our efforts after getting their desired results at reasonable prices.

We are serving the society at our reliable De addiction centre in Amritsar since the year 2000. With an ambition to eradicate the devastating problem of drug addiction right from the roots, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma laid down the foundation stone of Lifeline Foundation 18 years ago. Since then we have achieved a prestigious and remarkable position in this field. Under his superb guidance and leadership, we have succeeded in achieving our goal to a great extent. Today we are offering exceptional drug rehabilitation facilities at our advanced rehabilitation centre in Amritsar.

Lifeline Foundation is an advanced drug rehabilitation centre in Amritsar

In today’s competitive and stressful era, everyone is in hurry to achieve their life goal. Because of cut-throat competition in every aspect of life, everyone is keen to overtake its competitor, using either legal or illegal means. In the meantime, working for long hours they feel anxiety and stress and stars losing their enthusiasm and interest in the work. These conditions lead them towards the use of drugs to forget their stress for some time. This happens the turning point in their life which leads to diminishing their life morale gradually.

We at our rehabilitation centre in Amritsar, are fully furnished with advanced technologies to get you back out of the danger. Because we have thousands of satisfied families. They are really happy about getting their family member’s life back on the smooth and healthy track once again. It becomes even more painful and tragedy when a young child is addicted to the drugs. Because it is an age to lay down the firm foundation for higher achievements. But they come into the contact withthe bad company and starts using drugs beyond the knowledge of the parents.

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We have separate arrangements for the patients belonging to different age groups. Initially, we conduct various types of medical tests on the patients at our rehabilitation centre in Amritsar. It helps to evaluate the present condition of the patient and carry on with further treatment accordingly.

At our drug rehabilitation centre in Amritsar, our day starts with the sessions of yoga and meditation respectively. It nurtures the patients psychologically and physically.

Lifeline Foundation has made many efforts to maintain an excellent infrastructure fully incorporated with AC rooms, hygienic kitchens, courtyards, gardens, swimming pools, playgrounds for indoor and outdoor games etc.

We serve the patients with nutritional diet three times a day at our Nasha Mukti kender in Amritsar.

Moreover, our services are available at affordable prices.