De Addiction Centre in Haryana: Lifeline Foundation has a line of drug rehabilitation centres across north India. With an aim to vanish this devastating problem of drug addiction, Mr. Sanjeev Sharma lay the foundation stone of Lifeline Foundation in the year 2000. Since we have achieved a remarkable growth in the field.

Thousands of patients are helped here and they have started living a new and drug-free life once again. Moreover, our services are available at affordable prices. We are quite cheap at our charges but commits to deliver the patients exceptional treatment at our de addiction centre in Haryana.

Advanced De Addiction Centre in Haryana

Thousands of people are becoming addicted to drugs gradually due to changing lifestyle. Life has become full of stresses and conflicts and calmness is totally absent from the life. Everyone is in hurry to reach the unknown destination.

“It’s not you who are using drugs, rather its drugs that are using you”

Because of daily disturbance and frustration, people take a small dose of drugs to get rid of the tension for a short period of time. But with the time they become addicted to the drugs. Finally, they need the help of drug rehabilitation centre around. For the purpose, we are helping the people in removing their addiction to drugs at our de addiction centre in Haryana.

   How De addiction Centre in Haryana helps you?

At De addiction Centre in Haryana, we have achieved a higher rate of success in such a short period of time. People across north India are opting for us because of our tremendous facilities here at our centre. Some of the major qualities are as follow:

Our de addiction centre is specially designed for the drug and alcohol addicted persons keeping in mind the basic and important factors.

We highly lay emphasis on the nutritional part of the diet. A balanced diet comprising of all the nutrients is served to the patients to heal them effectively. Our breakfast is full of protein like butter, eggs, rice, juices, and shakes. While lunch and dinner comprise fresh green vegetables and fruits.

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Our de addiction centre in Haryana is far away from the noisy city. There is no kind of pollution and patients got treatment in the lap of nature.

Separate swimming pools are there for both male and female drug abusers. Along with proper arrangement for hot and cold water to the bath as per the climate.

Further, we have well-maintained playgrounds at our de addiction centre in Haryana. We strongly focus on sports activities to heal the patients as quickly as possible. They can play any kind of sport of their interest.

Lifeline is providing fully-furnished infrastructure including AC rooms and meeting halls, kitchen, bathrooms, courtyard, gardens, and fitness spots etc.

We are holding a unique record of 100% satisfaction at our de addiction centre in Haryana and de addiction centre in Punjab as well. It helps us in achieving a prestigious image in the society.

Our medical personnel performs regular check-ups to monitor the health progress of the patients. They checks for blood-sugar, blood-pressure, body weight and temperature etc. on daily basis.

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