We are striving with a motive to dismantle the dreadful evil of drug addiction here at rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana. Because of our huge success in the recent past in handling the circumstances effectively, people are approaching us with a hope to recover their lives back on the track. We are working exceptionally well towards our objective and paying a large contribution to save the society from the devil of drugs.

Lifeline Foundation is the established by Mr. Sanjeev Sharma in the year 2000. He is an eminent social worker with higher ambitions to perform some social duties. All of his efforts are dedicated to the welfare of the society, for which he has been awarded several times.

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We apply effective treatment methodologies at our Rehabilitation Centre in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is also known as the financial capital of the state Punjab. It is one of the biggest districts in the state. But unfortunately, drug addiction has also captured Ludhiana at large scale. Especially youngsters are the main victim of the drugs. They are habitual to the number of traditional and modern types of drugs including Marijuana, LSD, opium, Heroin, Psilocybin, Amphetamine, Ketamine, Cocaine, and many more. All these substances are very dangerous and injurious to the nerve system of the body. They can cause sudden heart-attack which leads to untimely deaths.

But here at our rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana, we have effective treatment methodologies and therapies to generate the desired output. Our specialists are exert and fully experienced, who will treat you personally. Since our inception, we have done a remarkable job in making the society drug-free and healthy once again. We dedicate all of our efforts to the betterment of the society, because several crime incidents are occurring just because of the drugs. Our Nasha Mukti kender in Ludhiana has succeeded a lot in achieving its goal to a great extent. But much efforts are needed to be done in the future.

What are we offering at our rehabilitation centre?

Lifeline has enriched its rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana with several outstanding and amazing facilities. These are really important and compulsory to heal the patients addicted to several types of drugs. Some of our most important highlights are:

Our drug rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana is working in a pollution-free and congenial environment. It is too away from the hustle and crowd of the city.

Similarly, we grow organic fruits and vegetables in our own agricultural farms. It makes a balanced and nutritional diet for the patients.

We have the highest success rate along with 100% satisfying results.

Our psychologists and physiotherapists guides the patients in the yoga and meditation sessions.

We have incorporated playgrounds, swimming-pools and gymnasium etc. at our rehabilitation centre in Ludhiana.