Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala

Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala aids you on the journey towards a life free from substance addiction. We have a team with years of experience and expertise in this field. Therefore, with their help, we can assist individuals to relive their live happily. The experts work with dedication for the recovery of every patient and providing effective treatments.

Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala establishment by Lifeline Foundations is right choice for people seeking reliable help. Moreover, we have successfully treated more than a thousand patients in the past with our best approaches. Contact us at +917270033333 to have a life changing experience with our treatments.

Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala

Drug addiction awareness:

People are adapting modern culture and consumption of drugs is becoming one of the status symbols. Drug addiction is an alarming problem but still people are not aware of the consequences. Once they involve with drugs, it does not take much longer to become a habit.

Sooner, they are not able to restrict themselves from drugs as the withdrawal symptoms hit harder. Initially, drugs may make you feel good, but later it starts destroying everything. Therefore, drug addiction is a major cause of various social, economic and personal issues.

It can result in major health problems and even lead to long term mental disorders. People may see drugs as a short-term solution to get relief from life problems. But they should be aware of its long-term seriousness. Hence, a person is not able to quit drugs without any external support.

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Our Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala welcomes people willing to seek help for themselves. The acceptance and will to change to make your life better is the foremost step of recovery process. Therefore, our center is the best place to get support to live a better life away from drugs.

 A study reveals that over 3 million people in Punjab are consuming some form of drugs. Moreover, alcohol being the most common among 2 million of them. Drug addiction has also resulted in increasing crime rates in Punjab.

We are working to remove this problem from the society to make our city a happy and safe place. Our team of skillful and knowledgeable staff caters to requirements of every patient. We are one of the most reliable and trustworthy rehabilitation center because of our more than 90% success rate.

Our mission:

Our Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala works with a mission to provide affordable treatments to overcome drug addiction. We aim to help to those battling mental illness and willing to live a normal life. Moreover, we provide best assistance to individuals struggling to overcome their addiction.

We help them to reconnect with the social world so that they can relive their life happily. Our team works to provide painless treatments through counselling and therapy programs which helps to heal their mind and body.

Our Vision:

Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala sees a vision to make the society free from drug addiction. This will allow them to live a happy and prosperous life. Moreover, we are working to make Patiala a drug free and crime free city.

Service we provide:

Our Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala provides various treatments to meet individual needs:

  • De-addiction treatment-

Our center believes that drug addiction is a physical and mental disease. Our team of professionals have expertise to treat any kind of substance addiction. 

We involve various therapies, counselling sessions and skill development programs to follow treatments through holistic approach. Moreover, this helps to ensure the physical, mental and emotional well-being of an individual.

  • Alcohol addiction treatment-

Some people consider consumption of alcohol as a status symbol. However, many people do not recognize that they are addicts. We provide alcohol addiction treatments depending upon the requirements of the patients.

We start with detox treatment followed by various therapies and sessions. Hence, this helps the patients to restrict themselves from consuming alcohol ever in the future.

  • Mental Illness-

Our centre provides treatments for mental illness to recover a stable mindset. Only a mentally fit person can make the right decisions in his life. Various reasons such as stress, trauma, anxiety, etc. lead to mental disorders.

Therefore, we conduct various counselling sessions to find the cause of mental disturbance and provide suitable treatments. We include therapies in the patient’s treatment to help him lead a normal life gaining mental stability.

  • Dual-diagnosis –

As we know, mental health and substance addiction relate to each other. Mental illness is either the effect or cause of drug addiction. Therefore, our rehabilitation Centre in Patiala provides dual diagnosis treatment to treat both disorders together.

Why we are the best Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala?

Our team of well-known professionals provide exceptional treatments to help addict fight their addiction. We have years of experience and are habitual to worst cases as well. Hence, the reasons to choose our rehabilitation centre in Patiala are as follows:

  • Holistic approach for treatments
  • Expert and polite staff
  • Tailor-made programs
  • Weekly progress report
  • Individual treatment and care
  • After-care services
  • World class facilities
  • Balanced diet provided, etc.

Hence, join hands with our center to help people recover from any kind of substance addiction.

Frequently asked questions:

Q- Why drug addiction is a disease?

Medical experts consider drug addiction a disease because it leads to various mental and health problems. Addiction is a major cause of several chronic diseases related to heart, organ failure and even cancer. Moreover, it also leads to various social and personal life problems.

Q- What is the cost of treatment at a rehabilitation centre?

The cost of treatment at a rehabilitation Centre depends upon the complexity of the addiction. It depends on the affects to the mental and physical health of an individual. Moreover, it also varies from person to person on the way they are adapting the treatments.

Q- Why should a drug addict seek help from rehabilitation centre?

Rehabilitation centers provides facilities and suitable treatments as per the requirements of the patients. They provide a healthy and encouraging environment which help the addicts fight their addiction and live a peaceful life.

Q- Which is the best Rehabilitation centre?

Lifeline Foundations is a leading Rehabilitation center in Patiala as we work with knowledgeable and skillful experts. We provide the best treatments through holistic approach to make them long-term effective and reliable. Moreover, we are receiving great client feedbacks in previous cases. With years of experience we are able to manage complex cases as well.