Rehabilitation Centre in HaryanaLifeline Foundations is producing exceptional results at its Rehabilitation Centre in Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh. We are fully furnished with world-class advanced techniques which are really helpful in fighting against the threatening evil of drug addiction. Our experienced medical staff is professionally trained to let you out of the jaws of drug addiction. Call us at +917270033333

 and make mould your life into a healthy and drug-free way at our best Rehabilitation Centre in Haryana. We will provide you with the best possible medical treatment to demolish your addiction to drugs, alcohol, or any other substances.

Drug addiction has ruined thousands of lives to date. It is such a dangerous evil that is occupying the whole society at a rapid pace. Accordingly, there is a great need for drug rehabilitation Centres to save society from further negative effects.

What are we offering at our Rehabilitation Centre in Haryana?

Being the most reliable and trustworthy Rehabilitation Centre in Haryana, we commit to delivering you the best treatment here at our Centre. Because we are fully capable to heal you with various kinds of tremendous and effective therapies. Our specialist doctors will guide and treat you in a professional way to produce your desired results. Once you approach us, you will be able to enjoy numerous facilities. The most important include:

A fresh, tasty and balanced diet including fresh green vegetables, fruits and juices etc. our diet specialists have maintained an individual diet chart for each person as per their body requirements.

Lifeline Foundations owns vast agricultural land for the production of organic and chemical-free vegetables and fruits etc. These are full of nutritional values highly useful for better recovery.

Our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Haryana is working in the lap of nature out of the town premises. Excellent pollution-free surroundings are there for morning and evening walks.

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and pave your way to a healthy and drug-free life once again

Further, we have exceptional and quality medical facilities under the excellent guidance of professionals. Our professionals are high-qualified and full of experience in their prescribed area of practice.

Our physicians and psychiatrists guide the patients at yoga and meditation sessions on a daily basis. Thus we deeply focus on the mental and physical health of the patients at our Rehabilitation Centre in Haryana.

Similarly, we have special arrangements for the extra-curriculum activities here at our Centre. Several indoor and outdoor games are there along with high-standard playgrounds for the purpose.

Our excellent infrastructure is proving to be useful in healing the drug-addicts in a preferable way. Garnered with advanced technologies and facilities like AC rooms and seminar halls, the vast and beautiful courtyard in front of the building, swimming pools, a well-equipped gymnasium etc. we are meeting the desires effectively.

Additionally, we have an ambulance service with a free home pick and drop facility here at our Rehabilitation Centre in Haryana. It is highly useful in emergency cases.

Moreover, our charges are within your budget. Because we have a flexible price policy as to adjust according to your financial conditions.