De Addiction Centre in Patiala:

The Lifeline Foundation will provide you with comprehensive drug de-addiction solutions in all cases. We are an experienced drug rehabilitation centre working to give new and drug-free life to the drug abusers. Similarly, they can reach us if addicted to alcohol, smoking, Marijuana, LSD, opium, Heroin, Methamphetamine, Psilocybin, Amphetamine, Ketamine, Cocaine, and any others.

Moreover, our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala always follows basic to advanced treatment strategies as per the patient’s health condition. Our qualified doctors and health specialists pay overall attention to every patient personally. They know that drug addiction is a critical case. Special efforts are needed to be made to attain the desired goals.

Accordingly, the Lifeline Foundations De-addiction centre in Patiala will help the drug addicts in achieving fruitful results. Call us now at +918847215265 and make some efforts on your part to overcome this dreadful evil. On our site, you will get professional medical assistance around the clock to improve your health reports.

De-addiction centre in PatialaHow do we Treat the Patients at Our De-Addiction Centre in Patiala?

At the Lifeline Foundations drug rehabilitation centre in Patiala, we have the fully-advanced and clinically-proven medical therapies. These therapies are very effective for each type of drug and result-oriented in all sorts. So, the drug addicts will get professional and certified treatment for their drug addiction.

At our drug De-addiction centre in Patiala, we help and treat the patients in the following systematic way:

  • No doubt, anyone can be addicted to any of the drugs. So, we apply several types of laboratory tests to the patients to filter out their actual health status of the patient. Some of the compulsory tests and checkups are body temperature, blood sugar, blood pressure, haemoglobin, and others.
  • Further, our health specialists take some time to draft an effective treatment policy for the patient. The selection process is conducted only based on test report results. Therefore, these preliminary tests work as a base to formulate the right treatment plan. As each drug addict has a different health condition, so we never apply the same treatment procedure to every patient.
  • Finally, we execute the treatment strategies that we extract in the second phase. These treatment therapies would be simple, pain-free, and eco-friendly for the patients. Similarly, our medicinal therapies will impart no side effects to drug abusers.

Hence, we follow a transparent treatment process at our drug De-addiction centre in Patiala. All the efforts will be conducted under the knowledge of the patient’s family members or relatives.

How are we the Leading Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala?

The Lifeline Foundation was inaugurated in the year 2000 by the prestigious personality Mr Sanjeev Sharma. He takes a dream to help the society struggling with health disputes years ago. Especially, drug addiction has emerged as one of the most dangerous and devastating diseases.

Accordingly, he takes an oath to make society free of drugs in the coming years. Since our inception, we are setting up examples and milestones in the field of drug rehabilitation.

Several factors are responsible for our success. Our thousands of happy and satisfied patients are the real success for us. Here are some of our strong qualities which make us the leading and best drug De-addiction centre in Patiala:

  • Since our establishment, we have gained a huge real-time working experience of decades. To date, we have solved a variety of drug addiction cases successfully. So, it sounds like a great quality of us and is beneficial for each type of drug addict.
  • Similarly, we have advanced and modern industry-based treatment methods. All of our medical therapies are clinically tested and certified by the Indian Medical Association. So, you will get quality treatment in all forms at our drug De-addiction centre in Patiala.
  • Who will treat you? Well, at the Lifeline Foundation, we have a team of professional doctors, health specialists, counsellors, motivators, psychologists, and fitness trainers. They will handle your case with their experienced hands and produce your desired results.

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  • Most importantly, we never take this service more as a business. Our objective is to help society with all health issues and to make it livable all the time. Consequently, we provide superb infrastructure to the patients. They will enjoy impeccable infrastructural facilities like fully AC rooms, courtyards and backyards, swimming pools for male and female patients, a gymnasium, a library, a cafeteria, and various others.
  • Our team of specialist dieticians greatly focuses on the diet of every patient individually. They create diet charts for each patient as per their health requirements. Further, our diet will be organic, healthy, and tasty. It will include fresh vegetables, milk, fruits, rice, juice, and other eatable stuff.
  • Moreover, our drug rehabilitation services are available 24 hours a. This sector requires tireless efforts to meet the challenges. So, you can reach us anytime around the clock. We have a special emergency block to accept critical cases immediately.
  • At the Lifeline Foundation drug De-addiction centre in Patiala, we have vast agricultural fields to grow organic and chemical-free vegetables and fruits.
  • Our professional sports coaches will guide you in extra-curriculum activities. We have separate playgrounds for indoor and outdoor games like Cricket, Hockey, Football, Table Tennis, and various others. It helps to improve overall health and personality development.
  • Further, we also organize regular Yoga and Meditation sessions under the supervision of experts.
  • We also have a free ambulance service at our De-addiction centre in Patiala.

What is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction is a situation in which a person becomes habitual to taking a particular drug quite often. It may be of any kind. A person starts it to get rid of the anxiety, stress, hypertension etc. But later he starts to take it regularly and becomes addicted to them.

It is not an easy task because drug addiction has deepened its roots in every corner of society. Further, it has affected our social life on a large scale. Especially, our young generation is the main victim of it.

At our drug De-addiction centre in Patiala, you will get absolute health solutions at affordable prices. So, come to us and divert your life to a drug-free and healthy way.