Rehabilitation centre in Punjab:

Today, drug rehabilitation centres have become an important component of our society. These are the centres where drug addicted patients are cured and treated against their drug addiction. If you or any of your known need of such drug De addiction centre, then here we have the best option for you.Rehabilitation centre in Punjab

The Lifeline Foundation drug rehabilitation centre in Punjab is the leading centre in the region. Moreover, we have cured thousands of patients who are now living a drug-free and healthy life with their families.

No matter which type of drug you are addicted to. We have fantastic treatment concepts and policies against smoking, alcohol, Marijuana, Heroin, LSD, Methamphetamine, opium, Psilocybin, Ketamine, Cocaine, Amphetamine, and many others.

Call us now at +918847215265 and plan drug-free future at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab. We assure you will get 100% results at the least prices. So, never be late anymore and join us to mark a success against your drug addiction.

Rehabilitation Centre in PunjabWhy should you join our Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab?

At the Lifeline Foundation, we always feel pride and honor that thousands of families are smiling just because of our dedicated efforts. In fact, we take it as a real success at all. If you need help in this regard, we bet you cannot find a better option than us. Likewise, our rehabilitation centre in Punjab is a fully-featured and advanced drug rehabilitation centre. You should join us because of the following reasons:

  • First, you will get advanced treatment therapies which are based on modern medical research. Similarly, our medical therapies are clinically-proven and certified by the medical associations. Consequently, it will increase your chances of recovery and also reduce the treatment period as well.
  • Secondly, we have long-term practical experience in the field of drug rehabilitation. Thousands of cases ranging from normal to critical have been successfully handled here at our drug rehabilitation centre in Punjab. Even we have cured the patients that were on their last legs. Our massive experience has made us capable of producing the best outcomes for all types of drug abusers. So, you will get 100% satisfied results as per your expectations.
  • Further, our qualified medical personnel are the strength for us. We have an experienced team of well-qualified doctors, nurses, counselors, motivators, physiotherapists, psycho experts, and other volunteers. They all are working day and night to attain the objective of drug-free society. So, you will get the services of such talented people at our drug De addiction centre in Punjab.

‘Join Our Drug De Addiction Centre and Say Goodbye to Drugs’

  • As per a medical study, recreational activities also play a crucial and important role to achieve the best results. Accordingly, we have maintained an eco-friendly environment by providing several extra-curriculum facilities. The drug abusers will enjoy sports games of their interest like Cricket, Hockey, Football, Tennis etc. Further, we also organize stage programs, drama shows, speech competition, painting competition, group discussions etc. to enhance and enrich overall personality development.
  • Moreover, a balanced and nutritional diet is a key factor to fight successfully against drug addiction. Accordingly, we have managed a superb diet management system at our rehabilitation centre in Punjab. Our patients will get healthy and organic food three times a day. Moreover, a special team of dieticians is there to manage the diet needs of each patient individually. They provide the food to the patients as per their body requirements. Similarly, we provide fresh fruits and vegetables, rice, purified drinking water, snacks, milk, and other eatables.
  • At our rehabilitation centre in Punjab, we have also hired trained and professional fitness trainers and meditation experts. They organize regular Yoga and Meditation classes for 1 hour on a daily morning. These sessions have produced unmatched health benefits for our patients, our recent report has said. Further, this makes the patients sound physically and mentally smart.

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  • In the line, you will also enjoy beautiful and splendid infrastructure. Fully AC rooms with attached bathrooms, greenish lawns, hygienic kitchens and messes, swimming pools, reading rooms, a gymnasium for exercise, and many more facilities are there at our rehabilitation centre in Punjab.
  • Further, our doctors conduct daily checkups to monitor the health improvements. They make two rounds a day to check blood pressure, temperature, blood sugar, and some more medical analysis.
  • An emergency block fully-embraced with modern facilities is there to handle emergency cases. Therefore, it is open for 24 hours to provide immediate medical assistance to critical patients.
  • Similarly, we also provide free ambulance service at our rehabilitation centre in Punjab. You can call it anytime by dialing + It will reach you within minutes.

Why We Needs Drug Rehabilitation Centre in Punjab?


Well, we all are known to the proverb ‘Health is Wealth’. One can enjoy his life and nature only when he is fully fit and fine physically and mentally as well. Now, the concept of drug addiction has entered our society during recent years. A few years ago, no one knows and heard about the term ‘Drug Addiction’. But unfortunately, we come across it quite often.

Since the Drug Addiction is a psychological disease that occurs because of the dependency of the patient on some certain kind of drugs. His body starts responding to that particular substance. But it feels uncomfortable when spends some time without consuming that drug. It is such a painful situation for the patients and their family members.

So, to help the patients professionally during these adverse circumstances, we need to join a drug rehabilitation centre. It is quite easy to heal the patient at home because of the lack of medical knowledge, and required arrangements.

The Lifeline Foundation comes into existence in the year 2000. Mr. Sanjeev Sharma makes efforts and launches a campaign against this dreadful evil of drug addiction. He is such a high-thinking and kind personality having a nice approach towards society. So, join our drug rehabilitation centre in Punjab to get the perfect health solutions.