Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala: Since its inception, Lifeline has grabbed a massive experience in the field of drug rehabilitation. We at Lifeline are fully furnished and well-equipped with modern and latest medical technologies to treat the patients in a satisfying way. Moreover, we have a team of certified and well-qualified doctors, psychiatrists, and physiotherapists to provide you the best medical treatment. We have maintained the hygienic and eco-friendly environment at our best Rehabilitation centre in Patiala to generate the best possible outcomes.

Lifeline is working with a motive to eliminate the evil of drug addiction from the society thoroughly. Becauseit has affected the society adversely on a large scale. Accordingly,our exceptional treatment is really helpful for the drug addicts to be out of the evil. With the years of experience, Lifeline has become the most trustworthy and reliable Rehabilitation centre in Patiala.

Why need Rehabilitation Centre in Patiala?

Today rehabilitation centers have become an important part of the society. Although it is not a positive sign for the society, unfortunately, it is happening. The evil of drug addiction has occupied the society as a whole. In the recent past, it has widened rapidly. No part of our society is escaped from its bad effect. Especially, our young generation is badly involved in it. It carries plenty of reasons. The first and foremost reason is a huge unemployment in Punjab.

There are least job opportunities in the state of Punjab and maximum youth is totally free of work. They have enough free time which leads to generating negative ideas in mind. In the meantime, they get involved in the bad company and start taking drugs and other substances which are really harmful to the health. Later it becomes almost impossible to get rid of the evil and becomes addicts to the drugs. This happens to be a critical situation for the parents and the whole family. Unwillingly, they have to move to the rehabilitation centre in Patiala.

What makes us the best choice?

Being the best and experienced rehabilitation centre in Patiala, Lifeline is promising to serve the patients with excellent andworld-class medical facilities. We conduct various types of basic health tests of the newly admitted patients. Then carry on the treatments as per the test reports. People are approaching us because of our several eye-catching qualities. Some of our underlying characteristics are:

Lifeline is serving the society withan experienced team of doctors and specialists. They are medically certified with higher education degrees.

Our well-equipped infrastructure includes AC rooms, courtyard, playgrounds and swimming pool etc.

At our rehabilitation centre in Patiala, we have well-maintained excellent basic facilities 24*7. Generally including cold and purifier drinking water, bathrooms, toilets, mess etc.

Moreover, patients have healthy and nutritional diet as per their body requirements at our Nasha Mukti Kendra in Patiala.

Most importantly, lifeline never charges higher amounts. Our charges are quite affordable and within your budget.

Further, our centre is far away from the noisy environment of the city.

Moreover, at De addiction centre in Patiala, we perform special meditation and yoga classes daily under the superb guidance of our experts.